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shane lind(non-registered)
hi when will you have the pictures up from the 2014 fall Pella ride i'm in search of our pictures! thanks
Rachel Ziebell(non-registered)
Do you have pictures from the Saturday ride at Caroline 2013? I'm in search of my pictures
Shane lind(non-registered)
hi was just wondering when you will be entering the 2014 Pella spring ride we would like to order some photos.. thanks!!
Donna Schneider
Bonnie again great photos from the Rez Ride. Ordered some of course. Can't wait to see more from Caroline.
Donna at Sashay Farm(non-registered)
Bonnie your photos are outstanding! You capture the true essence of people and animals. Looking forward to seeing the pics from Menominee Rez Ride.
Laura Lee(non-registered)
Riding memories captured by Bonnie. I am grateful to her...
Stacy Boettcher(non-registered)
Cant wait for more of the Pella pics to go up! :)
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